To inspire introspection….

I spoke to a group of health care professionals from the University of Minnesota Medical Center last evening.  While that could have been intimidating, I was asked to inspire introspection.  I believe I accomplished that goal.  I was inspired by those present, especially Dr. Denis Clohisy, the orthopedic surgeon in charge of my treatment of soft tissue sarcoma.  I shared the message that is most authentic and I believe most universal.  We all experience narrow spots in our lives.  And we all have the resources necessary to navigate those resources.  They are there…in the sand in our hourglass.  We need to find them and sift them out, sooner rather than later.  No matter how many years you have spent in school, you still have to discover your unique resources to navigate those difficult passages of your unique life journey.  Be well, in body, mind and spirit.

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