An Hourglass Fund Research Project

I am so blessed to be able to initiate and support this work. Thank you Drs. Annie Heiderscheit and John Wagner.

Healing notes
A U of M study evaluates music therapy’s potential to soothe, relax, and maybe even accelerate healing
By Nicole Endres
His sick son was irritable, and the father didn’t know what to do. The South American family had come from literally the other side of the world to University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital so the boy could get the blood and marrow transplant (BMT) they hoped would save his life. But that day, the father felt helpless. It seemed like nothing could soothe his son.
Then he picked up a small instrument called a reverie harp, which he’d received from music therapist Annie Heiderscheit. He sat by his son’s bed and played until the boy fell asleep.  Read more…