Setting Intentions

Happy New Year!

As I reflect on this past year, I am first and foremost grateful for all that has transpired – yes, ALL.  Certainly there have been good things, too many to list without sounding boastful.  And there have definitely been negative things, too many to list without sounding disheartened.  And then there are all the things in between, not seemingly worthy of listing at all.

Reflection is a good thing.  Past experience informs how we move forward; and that is the key – to move forward.  So at this time, in this new year, I reflect on all that has gone before, with gratitude for the life experiences that have brought me to where I am in my life journey.  And I set the intention to let go of the past, to strive to be in touch with my authentic self, and to be present in the here and now.  In doing so, I hope not to miss a minute of this remarkable journey of mine – my life.


  • Ricka

    You are wonderful, Ruth. I love reading and learning from what you have to say. A real inspiration.

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