Rein in Sarcoma Gathering

I had the privilege of speaking at the Rein in Sarcoma winter event yesterday. There were about 100 people who braved the cold – and ignored the football schedule – to attend. After hearing my story, attendees were invited to share their stories of what brought them to the event. It was an emotional experience; 35 stories of change and loss. There was a remarkable spirit in the room as we listened to voices of sorrow, suffering, sadness, joy, celebration, sympathy, survival, recurrence and death. The awareness of the ever-present shadow of this rare cancer was palpable. The valuable work of this organization is to provide research support to the Masonic Cancer Center University of Minnesota; to provide education and support to sarcoma patients and families and to educate medical professionals and the public about this often mis-diagnosed cancer. It was a heartening way to spend the afternoon. I am grateful.

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