Reflections on The Refine Conference

Conference organizer and energizer, Teri Johnson’s final reflections on this amazing conference. It was a privilege to be part of it. Thank you Teri.

[I think I’m FINALLY “decompressed” from The Refine Conference. I’m wrapping up some loose ends, looking forward, and reviewing ALL the notes I took — my take-aways from the speakers who I had the opporturnity to listen to. Here’s a quick list of my “nuggets”:

“Empathetic Competition” – Cathy Paper << I love that coined phrase! I’m not one to pay much attention to competition, I’m more about collaboration. BUT, understanding, caring about the feelings, thoughts, and/or attitudes of another sounds like a healthy approach to competition. That’s one I can coach my clients to embrace. It’s positive and collaborative!

“Make an appointment everyday with yourself. Don’t cancel it, ever — ONLY reschedule.” – Christy Tryhus << I needed this reminder!

“SQUASH worry with taking action” – Beth McBurney << Sometimes I get overwhelmed with life, I go into my tomorrows and worry sets in. Keeping this top of mind keeps me present and in the NOW.

“Take care of your package!” – Dr. Verna Price << We are all blessed + loaded with power to succeed! We need to understand WHO WE ARE, our package and take care of it!

“Apply what you learn in business to your personal life and apply what you learn in your personal life to business.” – Elizabeth Hagen << THIS is how I roll! Love IT!

“We don’t get to choose how change enters into our lives, we can only respond to change.” – Ruth Bachman << Acceptance is KEY, I agree with this wholeheartedly. She followed up this statement with 3 questions to ask yourself each time you experience a change you don’t want: 1. What is truly lost? 2. What remains? 3. What is possible? When we look at unexpected happenings in our lives with this perspective we can move forward and live an abundant life.

“When you empower women, you empower families. When you empower families, you empower generations.” – Sarah Zolecki << What a priceless gift + blessing!]