Lost Anything Lately?

Due to 3 dislocations, last week I had a revision of the total hip replacement done in October 2017. Having invested no small amount of effort to maintain my flexibility throughout my adult life, I have been informed that I am “too bendy” with “loosey-goosey” ligaments. This has resulted in the afore-mentioned dislocations. The revision procedure was successful. I have a sound joint. And my life is forever changed.

I can never again bend more than 90 degrees with my left hip. At first glance that wouldn’t seem like a big deal. The reality is that I am finding it to be a big deal. Never crossing my legs again is not on the “big deal” list.  But having to modify the way I get dressed, sit and get up from that sitting position are not so easy to accept. Picture getting into and out of a plank position! Adaptive equipment will now be in my gym bag and my suitcase. I may carry a pillow at all times. I am just beginning to wrap my arms around this reality because I am still recovering and not yet ready to resume normal activities. That time will come.

A wise person recently told me, “If you want to live independently, you will adjust to your new normal.” How true is that?

As an amputee, you would think that I have this nailed. Been there. Done that. However, with amputation, I was dealing with not being able to do things because my hand was no longer there. Now I am dealing with not being able to do things that I “can” physically do. The consequences of doing those things the way that I have done them in the past is severe pain, an ambulance ride and no small amount of inconvenience.

For 16 years, I have learned to do things a new way, asked for help or decided not to do that thing. It is time I listen to my own wisdom and move forward.