Just Breathe…

What does it feel like to have your calendar running your life.  I have not so fond memories of times when I felt confident that if the weather and my car held out, I could make all of my appointments.  Then I discovered the reality of the notion that I do control my calendar!  I am the one who enters each and every appointment, reminder and engagement.  (I have heard that there are businesses where your calendar is on the computer and people can add themselves without prior acknowledgement!  Not good in my book.)

So…my calendar is not out of control, but I am feeling overwhelmed by deadlines from time to time.  I look forward to each commitment – and remind myself to be present in each encounter – but, truth be told, I am a bit over-extended this month.  Every opportunity is worthwhile and exciting, but also new and involving extensive preparation and focus.

What is there to do?  Breathe – Just Breate

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