It has been 20 years…..

20 years ago this month, I was sitting in a hot tub in Palm Springs CA with my dear friend, Stephanie.  I had this lump on the inside of my left wrist that would go away when I pushed on it, but it would come right back. It had no edges. I had gotten myself new ice skates for Christmas and had fallen a couple of times – hard – on the lake ice. When I first noticed the lump, which was not painful at all, I found myself asking just about anyone I encountered, “What do you think this is?”  I got lots of hypotheses – but clearly no one knew.

Stephanie looked at me seriously and said, “I want you to find out what that is. You need to go see my orthopedic guy.” I decided to take her advice.

I called her doctor’s office. He was not available for what seemed like a long time, so I called a sports medicine/orthopedic clinic near my home and saw whoever was available in the next 2 weeks. 

Stephanie and that doctor saved my life.

At the appointment, after a brief examination of my hand and wrist, I had an X-ray. I was sent later that day for an MRI. The next day I was notified that his office had made an appointment for me with Dr. Denis Clohisy at the University of Minnesota. I did not ask any questions. I said ok. But the appointment needed to be changed because I was going hiking in Colorado and did not want to change my plans. I was asked to go in as soon as I got home. I agreed to do so.

No mention was made of what might be going on in my wrist. And I did not ask. I went hiking – had a great trip!