Is it really a surprise?

I have looked at change as a constant for some time.  What is always surprising to me is that it is really SO VERY CONSTANT!

I think I have gotten used to the new arrangement in the sand of my hourglass and there it goes again – upended with a new arrangement to get used to.  It does not make me feel weary, but it does ask me how secure I am in my ability to discover the new arrangement – resting patiently with an open heart and a quiet mind.

I could think cancer is the ultimate narrow spot – but I know that is not true for me. Cancer has given me a rich vocabulary to tell the story and a determination to live life – but the emotional roller coaster of life in relationship is an ever-changing and daunting reality.

I am ever grateful for patience, persistence, gratitude, grace and enthusiasm.  Sifting out one’s gifts is an important aspect of moving forward.


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