Okay – I just wrote about how important patience is.  I still believe it is important.  But I am currently having a challenge in practicing it.  I was supposed to leave today for Italy, one of my favorite places on earth.  I feel very whole there.  However, Mother Nature and Delta Airlines developed different plans.

The storm that is swirling outside my window as I write, was well predicted.  The meteorologists have been saying for 2 days, “This is going to be a big one:  6 – 10 inches of wet, heavy snow in the Southern Metro.”   I am pragmatic enough to know that  they are often wrong in their predictions and life often goes according to plan, so why get upset and worry about something over which you have no control?

Not only does it appear that “they” are correct in their prognostication about the weather; the airline decided, way too early in my opinion, to cancel our flight for 3:30 this afternoon, graciously maintaining room for us on the same flight tomorrow.  So the bags are packed and I am here.  “All dressed up with no place to go!”  Tomorrow, weather and airline permitting, I will begin my vacation.

Well, I have had more than a few moments of consternation this morning.   It is almost laughable how quickly I find myself being less than mindful and more than a little irritated at the weather and the airline.  And then I look at myself and ask, “Why?”.

You know that John Lennon quotation, “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.”  I certainly had other plans for today.  The good news is that this is really just an inconvenience.  There is no lasting damage to life, limb or property as a result of this development.  There is only a day, spent at home, doing what I did not want/plan to do; but will undoubtedly benefit from in some way.  Who knows – I might get the holiday cards written and mailed.  If I am really industrious, I might get the tax information pulled together.  Not that I am making plans for today.  I will make effort to look at it as a gift.  A day to do whatever…

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