Ignite Minneapolis

I do not know how I received information about the November event, but I did.  Not being a shy person, I did not hesitate to send in a proposal to be a speaker.  That is where the adventure begins.

I am a public speaker. I have always been a person who gets a certain thrill and satisfaction being up in front of a group people sharing something – an original idea or information of someone else’s design.  It is one of my outstanding attributes.  Please do not misunderstand.  I have not always been successful in my effort to share this talent.  However, the purpose of this post is not to belabor my numerous failures.  On the contrary, it is to share what I consider to be a remarkable success.

Ignite Minneapolis talks are hard.  Each speaker – no mater what the topic – gets 5 minutes and 20 slides, that auto-advance, to enlighten an audience that wants you to succeed. The fast pace is tricky.  It is more than a little nerve-wracking, and so worth the effort.

My topic was easy: the inevitability of change and what is required to navigate it.  It is a message I have shared often in the last 10 years.  It is my way of giving back for successful cancer treatment that has allowed me to be alive 10 years after diagnosis.  The structure and environment of Ignite Minneapolis were not at all easy, however.  But I did it.

The slides were not overly challenging either.  I have numerous images that I have used to support my message.  They are available and ready for selection.  A wise friend and mentor in this project suggested that the images be “general” in relation to what I was saying – not timed to coincide with a specific thought or phrase.  That was very wise counsel, indeed.

The most demanding aspect of this engagement was memorizing what I was going to say – and knowing that there was no wiggle room – 5 minutes and out came the hook.  So here is a link to my effort to spark the interest of an audience of 700 strangers (I knew only one person in the house!) to grow through the narrow spots of life.

As you view this video, please bear in mind that I did not realize that I was in the dark – the light of the projector was in my eyes and I thought it was a spot light!  I will do better next time – and I do hope there will be a next time!

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