Happy New Year!

Blog Post January.001+1


The New Year… When you begin something new it is often with a sense of anticipation and eager participation. Does this new year – 2014 – bring those feelings to the forefront of your “new year’s” experience and expectation?

New skills – the learning of them anyway – usually require a certain amount of intention, practice and patience. (Think of a child learning ball handling skills for the first time – or an adult learning to juggle.) For a child, learning is often “fun” – an expression of play – being totally engaged in the trial and error of the moment. (I hear my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter’s voice, “oh, oh – try again” when the block tower falls for the umpteenth time.) For an adult, a concern for rapid mastery and recognized accomplishment are more frequently the desire. Often the goal is modified, changed or discarded before there is ample “playtime” invested to see the possibility of progress. Are you a “playful participant” in learning new things or are you a “try it and if it comes easy, I will stick with it” person?

I have set the intention this year to “relax into the follow through of my good intentions”. One of those good intentions is to write more often – even short entries will be acceptable. May you find this and those to come thought-provoking – or at least acknowledge them as “trying again” toward mastery of this thing called writing.

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