Right Hand and Cast of Left HandHands tell a lot about a person. Take a look at yours. Hands are the original and ultimate tool. Before AT&T they were the way we reached out and touched someone. Some people are “handy,” able to “lend a hand.” We fold our hands in prayer. Some jobs are so easy you can do them with one hand tied behind your back. We all now know what it means to be “hands free”. I read once that angels will read your life story on your hands. I am confident they will get my whole story.

Take a look at your hands again. What story will they tell?

At the end of each finger are your fingerprints. They are completely unique, like each of us, like the life journey on which we travel. I have found that it is a mistake to compare one person’s journey with another’s – all are different and worthy, and one is not more important or profound than another.

The telling of and listening to stories is the way we make sense of our lives. Barry Lopez said, “Everything is held together with stories. That is all that is holding us together, stories and compassion.”

Be authentic in your story telling. Life is a “hand[s]-on job.”