Focus on Wholeness

I recently had the privilege of speaking at both IgniteMinneapolis 8 and bushCONNECT 2015. Both were exhilarating experiences – 5 minutes/20 slides (that advanced automatically – talk about no control…). My topic was “One-Handed in a Two-Handed World”.

My goal was to disarm the audience while inspiring them to see that having an obvious hole in my silhouette does not, in and of itself, limit my choices in life. On the contrary, that is a source of personal power. I get to choose what I participate in and work to accomplish. I wanted to be humorous. (I really wanted it to be a stand-up comedy routine – maybe next year.) Based on Twitter chatter after both events, people caught the humor and found the statements “Do you focus on the holes, or on wholeness?” and “Stop borrowing trouble.” to be quote-worthy.

I had a blast doing them both. It was well worth the challenge. Please watch the video and let me know if I succeeded in my goal. bush CONNECT is up on YouTube, IgniteMinneapolis will be there soon.