Be “At Home”

Summer – lazy, hazy crazy days…well…not exactly. I have spent the last week committed to relationship (in other words, engaged in care 24/7) with my wonderful grandchildren. It was [...]

Be Mindful

I had the privilege and pleasure to spend about 10 hours in the presence of Jon Kabat-Zinn a couple if weeks ago. It was exactly the experience I needed at that time, a worthwhile reminder of the [...]

Express Gratitude

‘Tis the season… “People who come to recognize the benefit of navigating narrow spots with patience, presence, faith, intention, humor and community find expressing gratitude to be [...]

Transformation Is Like Tending a Garden

Change is inevitable. In the song, “Closing Time” there is a lyric, “Every new beginning comes at some other beginning’s end.” Transformation is intentional. While a gift of grace, it is [...]

Do you recognize a “God Moment”?

I was privileged to have a radio interview on an ABC affiliate in Lincoln, Nebraska. Ruth Bachman interview on Problems and Solutions with Cathy Blythe The next day I received an online order for [...]

What narrow spots are you facing?

  I describe cancer as the narrow spot in an hourglass. I am the sand passing from the top, through the narrow spot and coming to rest in the bottom chamber. Life is full of narrow spots, [...]

Is there effort in transformation?

  I just got my newsletter from Sacred Ground, a community of spiritual directors and seekers in St. Paul, MN.  The opening letter from Michele, the Executive Director, is about change [...]

Happy New Year!

  The New Year… When you begin something new it is often with a sense of anticipation and eager participation. Does this new year – 2014 – bring those feelings to the [...]

Just Breathe…

What does it feel like to have your calendar running your life.  I have not so fond memories of times when I felt confident that if the weather and my car held out, I could make all of my [...]

Setting Intentions

Happy New Year! As I reflect on this past year, I am first and foremost grateful for all that has transpired – yes, ALL.  Certainly there have been good things, too many to list without [...]

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