My calendar looks very full for the next 3 weeks. What that means is that each day has some exciting, challenging, wonderful and/or routine activities that when looked at as a whole appear to be overwhelming!

But wait! I practice mindfulness and make effort to stay present in the moment. I know that when things are thrown on the screen of my imagination they can seem much more daunting than in actual fact. So I stop, slow down, breathe deeply, listen to my heart and wait for the universe to move.

The truly amazing thing is that it really works! Each of the events coming up on my calendar is a unique and wonderful opportunity to be present and share my enthusiasm with some small part of the world. If I can be present in the presence of someone being authentically who they are, I have the opportunity to experience a tremendous amount of joy in the next 3 weeks!

And so I will make an effort to begin and end my days with an open heart and a quiet mind, breathing in the richness that presence has to offer. I am grateful.

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