Affirmation is a good thing.

A Saturday morning well spent…

This morning I woke up and said to myself, “I am going to go hear some great speakers today.”  I was correct in that intention.
I had been given a ticket to an event in Minneapolis.  A friend, Mary Traecy O’Keefe was to be one of the speakers.  I went not knowing what to expect, but with high hopes and good intentions for value, enhancement and affirmation of my own message.  I was not disappointed.
I heard LeAnn Thieman, Mary and Naomi Rhode speak.  All 3 professional speakers, each of them gave a powerful message of hope and transformation.  Each of them has written at least one book and talked about how adversity – narrow spots – had brought about transformation in their lives.  Each of them inspired me to keep sharing the message that I carry – Don’t just go through, grow through the narrow spots of life.
This week I will head to TX to speak and do workshops at the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio.  I will return to receive an Angel Award from The Angel Foundation.  I am so very grateful for both of these opportunities.  I continue to keep both feet on the floor and send out gratitude.  It seems to be working.

  • Lucy

    Ms. Bachman,

    I am scheduled to attend your event at Brooke Army Medical Center on Thursday. I am very excited and looking forward to hearing you speak.

    Lucy Macias

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