A Narrow Spot

Why is it that we think we can stay in one place and get comfortable? It is once again time to face the reality that life is constantly changing – no thing or person is permanent. If life is an hour glass and I am the sand, then I am traveling from the top, through the tight spot, to the bottom; the same sand but with a different arrangement. It is time to be patient and faithful

It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, or who the cast of characters are. What matters is how I respond to the circumstances and the cast of characters. Being present in the sands of change and uncertainty are far more productive use of my time and energy than wasting time asking questions of “why is this happening?”. The primary narrow spot isn’t even happening to me – but because I care about the persons experiencing a challenging time, my hourglass is upended. What a lesson in letting go!

The problem is the fear that accompanies narrow spots. The “False Expectations Appearing Real” kind of fear. Fear does not keep me from going through the narrow spot, it only makes the passage more difficult. I am reminded again that I can go kicking and screaming, or I can relax and float with the current, as fast as it might be taking me downstream. Yes, it is time to sit, with an open heart and a quiet mind, seeking the possibility of transformation – with patience, persistence and grace.

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