Do you recognize a “God Moment”?

I was privileged to have a radio interview on an ABC affiliate in Lincoln, Nebraska. Ruth Bachman interview on Problems and Solutions with Cathy Blythe The next day I received an online order for [...]

What narrow spots are you facing?

  I describe cancer as the narrow spot in an hourglass. I am the sand passing from the top, through the narrow spot and coming to rest in the bottom chamber. Life is full of narrow spots, [...]

A New Experience

I was invited to write the Foreword for an upcoming book, written by fellow cancer survivor, Ute Buehler.  Our cancer journeys are dramatically different, hence our stories are as well.  My Point [...]

What are you waiting for?

We all have the resources we need to face our narrow spots.  Ask for help.  Spend time slowing down and breathing deeply.  Listen to our heart.  There may not always be an apparent answer to the [...]