5 Words of Wisdom

I had the privilege of being with about 60 women today for a delicious salad luncheon and program.  My message was the program.  They had asked for my title “5 Words of Wisdom”.  Of [...]

To inspire introspection….

I spoke to a group of health care professionals from the University of Minnesota Medical Center last evening.  While that could have been intimidating, I was asked to inspire introspection.  I [...]

Ruth Bachman: Irritational/Inspirational Speaker

I heard a speaker recently who described himself as an “irritational” speaker.  I love that idea, I wish I had thought of it!  Sand is central to my message and is an abrasive, and even a small [...]

Off to Worthington, MN with gratitude…

WORTHINGTON — In March of 2003, Ruth Bachman was a left-handed wife and mother facing an incomprehensible cancer diagnosis. Today, she describes herself as “a right-handed woman, wife, mother and [...]