Ruth Bachman


Change is the narrow spot in the hourglass. The sand travels from the top, through the tight spot, to the bottom. The sand is the same — but with a different arrangement.

Whether she is speaking to medical or business professionals; faith-based groups; or community organizations, Ruth delivers her message as a living authority on navigating change.

Award-Winning Inspirational Gift Book

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Growing Through the Narrow Spots is more than a book about cancer. Enjoy 40 pages of words and images that encourage readers to grow through life’s narrow spots.


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All speaking honorariums and book proceeds from Ruth’s work, known as The Hourglass Fund Project, are donated to support cancer education, advocacy and research.


  • We are still basking in the glow of the wonderful presentation that Ruth gave at the Rochester-area Cancer Survivor Day Event in June. Everyone loved her and felt so inspired! Ruth is a lovely, articulate and gem of a human-being! She is a beautiful person inside and out!

    Janine Kokal, MS, RN, OCN® Educator at the Mayo Clinic Cancer Education Program,Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
  • Ruth Bachman's presentation to our management team coincided with a significant time of change for our organization. As Ruth spoke, the energy in the room shifted and the audience listened intently to her story. Ruth not only reminded us that we need to be able to navigate the inevitable changes that life brings, but we have a choice in how we manage those changes.

    Rob Webb UnitedHealth Group, Minneapolis, MN
  • Glorious.  Indeed! Personally, I found it extraordinary.  Every word and sentence so carefully chosen, strands of new consciousness thinking linked carefully to one another. The crafting of a message that wove our theme concepts of  "Creating, HOPE, Together" so beautifully into your own recent learning experiences.  All shared with an audience who is, obviously, hungry to hear from you. And, the authenticity with which you speak.  This is so powerful.  You are one who not only "gets it" but communicates the "getting it" with humor and wisdom and clarity.  Thank you every so much for gracing us with your extraordinary gifts as keynote speaker.

    Carol Ann Petersen, MSW, MAHS Manager, Patient Support & Education, Park Nicollet Frauenshuh Cancer Center, St. Louis Park, MN