Inspiring You to Grow Through Life’s Narrow Spots

If cancer is the narrow spot in the hourglass, and I am the sand, then I have traveled from the top, through the tight spot, to the bottom. I am the same sand — but with a different arrangement.



 In February of 2003, I was a left-handed woman, wife and mother in apparent good health. I ate reasonably well, was physically active, had annual checkups, practiced meditation and yoga, attended church regularly, and volunteered in the community.

Today, I am all of those things plus the grandmother of 4; except now, after diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue sarcoma, I am a right-handed amputee with a renewed purpose for life - a mission to share a message equipping individuals with the perspective and resources necessary to navigate the inevitable changes that occur in life, by design or by happenstance, while recognizing the powerful potential for transformation by embracing “what is”.


Cancer is not the worst thing that has ever happened in my life, it just might be one of the most meaningful. The change that cancer brought to my life in 2003 includes far more than a new silhouette.

I describe my experience with cancer as the narrow spot in an hourglass. Life is full of narrow spots - not all of them labeled cancer. They indicate change and represent the depth and intensity of our life experience.

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