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I am so blessed to be able to initiate and support this work.

Change is inevitable. In the song, “Closing Time” there is a lyric, “Every new beginning comes at some other beginning’s end.” Transformation is intentional. While a gift of grace, it is purposeful and not effortless. Within the depths of winter, it is hard to imagine spring. The beauty of nature takes time. Think of transformation as tending a garden – your very own little plot of earth. Trust that it can be cultivated and that cultivation will bring it to its full potential. Even though it’s full of rocks and the soil is dry, you begin to plow this plot with patience, sowing the seeds of your future well-being. At the beginning, joy might be found in just feeling that your situation – you...

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This week I had the privilege of being invited to share my message with a group of adults with various neurological diseases at the Fairview MS Achievement Center’s (MSAC’s) day program in St. Paul, MN. I was invited by the staff chaplain, who had happened upon my book in a retail store, purchased it, and subsequently participated in the full-day Healing on Purpose which I conducted for The Center for Spirituality & Healing in April.

I was asked to provide a 60-minute, informal program to inspire the patients. I prepared for my time there, deciding what I would include in my comments and how I would involve those present. I had asked and been encouraged to bring copies of my book to sell at the end of our time together. W...

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Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking at the Mayo Clinic’s National Cancer Survivors’ Day Event in Rochester, MN. It was a terrific crowd of enthusiastic people who understand the importance of living life every day. The theme was Italian – was this meant to be? Penso di si.

National Cancer Survivors Day in Rochester

Today is National Cancer Survivors Day and it is celebrated in many communities around the world and the U.S. The celebration is normally marked every first Sunday in June and today Rochester had its own inspiring survivor who shared hope and resilience to a crowd at the International Event Center.
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And a second media coverage:

Hundreds come together in celebration of cancer survival in Roche...

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This Article Appeared The Day I Was Speaking In Mankato. Several People Said They Came To The Event Because Of This Article. Thank You Tanner Kent!

The Free Press, Mankato, MN

May 29, 2014
‘Narrow’ victory: Award-winning author shares philosophy of resilience

Award-winning author shares philosophy of resilience

By Tanner Kent

—- — Though Ruth Bachman said she’s always been a positive person — her resilience has only come with practice.

The award-winning Minnesota author of “Growing Through the Narrow Spots” is also the featured speaker during a Mankato Area Lifelong Learners-sponsored event being held 6:30-8:30 p.m. today at Bethel Baptist Church.

During that event,...

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I am hoping to be accepted to speak at the TED Salon in NYC on July 8, 2014. Wish me luck – I will find out on June 6. Here’s hoping……

I received a very kind rejection. Maybe in the future….

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