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Ruth BachmanIn February of 2003, I was a left-handed woman, wife and mother in apparent good health. I ate reasonably well, was physically active, had annual checkups, practiced meditation and yoga, attended church regularly, and volunteered in the community.

Today, I am all of those things plus the grandmother of 4; except now, after diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue sarcoma, I am a right-handed amputee with a renewed purpose for life - a mission to share an empowering message equipping individuals with the perspective and resources necessary to navigate the inevitable changes that occur in life, by design or by happenstance, while recognizing the powerful potential for transformation by embracing “what is”.

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About Ruth

A mountain climber, writer, author, educator, survivorship advocate, inspiring presenter, and woman of faith, Ruth contributes her time, her resources and her talents, bringing a timeless message to diverse audiences, about the one constant in life -- change.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota, Ruth has served as a kindergarten teacher, children's choir director, aerobics instructor, international travel guide and volunteer coordinator. Her 25+ years of public speaking experience includes work with the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. After stepping boldly into life as an amputee, Ruth is a role model for managing change whole-heartedly with resilience, courage, and grace.

The Art of ConveningA certified convener in The Art of Convening, Ruth brings meaningful connection, inspiration, and commitment to action to her presentations. She serves as Chair of the Community Advisory Board of the Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota; and serves on the University of Minnesota Foundation Board of Trustees, the Fairview Southdale Hospital Board of Trustees and the Minnesota Cancer Alliance Steering Committee. Ruth is a speaking ambassador for Community Health Charities Minnesota and a spokesperson for the Rein in Sarcoma Red Flags of Sarcoma Campaign. In her role as a survivor advocate, Ruth attended the 7th Biennial Cancer Survivorship Research Conference in Atlanta, GA in 2014. And, finally, she participated in a remarkable trip to Nepal where she climbed 2 2/3 mountains with Above and Beyond Cancer - the only 64 year old in the group to make it to 19,200 feet!

Out of a deep sense of gratitude, Ruth donates all speaking fees and proceeds from the sale of her book and other Hourglass merchandise to support cancer research, awareness and advocacy. Read more.

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